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Trust, not technology,

is the issue of the decade
Tom Peters

Workshops & Training programs

The fundamental principles of trust help you to transform average relationships into high-trust relationships. In high-trust relationships, everything runs smoother with less friction, it saves energy, time, money ánd makes life much more enjoyable!

5 Step High-Trust Results Model

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Trust model-05.png
Inspiration Sessions
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30 - 60 minutes
1 - 20 attendees

€ 150,- / € 295,-


Participants Reviews:

"Great session. Wonderful insights!"

"Wonderful session. Memorable session unforgettable"

"It was a super session with you speaking on Trust. Thank you for gracing our platform and hope to see you again, soon."

Masterclasses & Workshops
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0,5 - 1 day
1 - 20 attendees

€ 750,- / € 1400,-

In our Masterclasses and Workshops, we'll do an in-depth exercise and dive into the details of the 5 Step High-Trust Results Model. You'll learn the dynamics of trust in different relationships, including the relationship with yourself as in self-trust, and how to transform them into high-trust relationships. 

Training Programs
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One on one 

Price on request

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