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Tailwind program for leaders


How to increase trust in your company?

71% of employees in companies do not trust their boss. Employee engagement is at an all time low with 25%. Most people don’t like their place of work and in return managers try to have some grip by installing ever more instruments of control like performance dashboards. With little success. 

The Grip on trust Tailwind program provides knowledge and tools to influence and change these dynamics. 

Tailwind is a concept from the world of sailing. This is when the wind comes from behind and blows into the direction you want to go. It’s the most relaxed phase of a sailing trip. You can deploy all the sails you have and develop a nice speed. It also gives the skipper the time to think of the next moves; where do you need to go? How will you get there? Is it a straight line or do you need to tack (change course) a couple of times? 


The Grip on trust Tailwind program helps (HR) leaders how to get a grip on trust, how to plot a course to get it in place, prepare when to tack and make an average working week (almost) as exciting as a sailing trip for all who’s on board. 


How do we do this?

Grip on trust has developed powerful concepts to identify the levels of trust within organizations and smart ways to increase trust where needed. The Tailwind program consists of 5 modules that each address a different relationship level: 

1. Self-trust & trustworthiness

2. Trust between people

3. Trust in teams

4. Trust in organizations

5. Customer trust


What is the setup of the Tailwind program?

The complete Tailwind program covers the principles of trust, how to analyze your own situation and what steps to take. The full program takes 2 full training days. 

For in-company programs, the content and duration can vary.


Who should attend?

The Tailwind program is specifically developed for those who influence the way people in companies interact with each other. 

1. Senior leadership (CEO’s)

2. HR leaders (CHRO’s)

3. Managers and supervisors


What are the results after the training?

Participants will have learned how trust works, how to increase the level of trust between individuals, in teams and in organizations. As well how to create healthy relationships outside the company with business relations and customers.

As a result this will influence company culture and boost overall company performance. 


Who will provide the training?

Grip on trust is founded by Jan van der Spoel, a former creative director with a client-list of international A-brands. Jan also founded 3 companies with focus on human-to-human communication and trust. He will provide all the training courses together with a team of experienced trainers. 


What is your investment?

The investment of the complete Grip on trust Tailwind program is € 3200,- per participant. Every 3rd participant of the same company can join for free. 


What is the next step? 

You have two choices: click the button below and schedule a 15 minutes introduction call, or fill in the form and we'll contact you as soon as we can.  

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