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Anchor program for leaders


How to grow trust in leadership?

Do you trust yourself? Do others trust you? Surveys of trust in leadership show shocking results year after year. Trust is the most important aspect in any relationship, even the relationship with yourself, but we don’t know how it works. We don’t know how to create it or how to restore it. 

Grip on trust has created an exclusive program for people in leadership positions to learn how trust works, how to trust yourself and be(come) trustworthy. 

The Grip on trust Lifesaver program helps leaders to understand how trust works, how to increase self-trust and how to create high-trust relationships. The Lifesaver program aims to provide a stable grip for leaders to hold on to during high waves or deep waters. 


How do we do this?

Grip on trust has developed powerful concepts to identify the levels of trust within ourselves and smart ways to increase trust where needed. The Lifesaver program consists of 3 modules that each address a different aspect of trust:

1. Self-trust 

2. Confidence

3. Trustworthiness


How is the Lifesaver program setup?

The program covers the principles of trust, how to analyze your own situation and what steps to take. The program takes 1 full training day with a group size of 3-5 people. 

For indivudal mentoring programs the content and duration can vary.


Who should attend?

The Lifesaver program is specifically developed for people in leadership positions in business, politics and government. 


What are the results after the training?

Participants will have learned how trust works, how to take inventory of self-trust, and how to be(come) trustworthy. 


Who will provide the training?

Grip on trust is founded by Jan van der Spoel, a former creative director with a client-list of international A-brands. Jan also founded 3 companies with focus on human-to-human communication and trust. He will provide all the training courses together with a team of experienced trainers. 


What is your investment?

The investment of the complete Grip on trust Lifesaver program is € 2.500,- per participant. . 


What is the next step? 

You have two choices: click the button below and schedule a 15 minutes introduction call, or fill in the form and we'll contact you as soon as we can.  

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