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  Consultancy & Training programs 



Building Trust to Solve Key Business Challenges

Many companies face problems with conflict, lack of alignment, and poor information flows stemming from low organizational trust.

Our proprietary 360° Trust Model measures trust gaps causing issues like:

- Misalignment from poor strategic communication 
- Disengaged employees due to lack of transparency
- Innovation barriers from fear of failure  

We guide you through:
1. Assessment of your trust gaps
2. Targeted recommendations to close gaps 
3. Trust building for improved innovation, cohesion, and performance

Decades of trust research allows us to pinpoint and solve root causes of disconnects. Contact Grip on Trust to transform your culture.

Customized Pricing 
At Grip on Trust, pricing varies by the customized solution we build to meet your trust-building goals. 

Please contact us for a free consultation so we can recommend an ideal, targeted plan tailored to your budget.

Training: Trust in your organization

Building Organizational Trust
Our intensive customized training helps leaders and teams optimize trust, communication, and collaboration within your organization.  

In interactive sessions, we dive deep into 6 core principles of trust.


- Recognize trust-building vs trust-reducing behaviour  
- Know how tot have the right conversations
- Gain skills to address culture and flow b
- Understand the difference between management and leadership approaches 


 8,800 for 8 participants 
€ 250 per additional participant (max group 12) 


- 14 hours of group training, number of sessions is to be discussed 
- Toolkit to sustain practices  
- Application support
- Flexibility to link sessions to current priorities


- Personalized leadership coaching 

- Train the trainer sessions

Contact us to build an organizational culture grounded in trust.

Organisational trust

Training: Trust in leadership

Trust in leadership

How to become a better leader

Many leaders struggle with being unprepared for the new job, lack of support, declining inspiration over the course of their careers or how to navigate pressure at the top. 

Leadership challenges of today

- 50% of new managers fail within 18 months due to skill gaps
- 60% of new managers lack support from senior leadership  
- Mid-career decision-makers risk burnout from intensity
- Long-term CEOs have trouble keeping up with change  

Our leadership trust training helps leaders at all levels overcome these challenges through strengthening core trust-building skills.


- Understanding your role as a leader
- Understanding the importance of high-quality relationships
- The value of relationships for organisational alignment 
- 360º Trust principles & aspects

Leaders gain new perspective, tools, and techniques to bring more energy, collaboration, and resilience to their teams, reigniting their passion for leadership. The practical approach allows participants to apply learnings to real-world scenarios and make measurable improvements.


Depending on your specific challenges, the size of your organisation and your desired results, we can tailor a program that fits your needs. 

Contact us to invest in your leadership capacity!

Personal Coaching

Personal Coaching

One-on -one attention

Facing a Challenge? Are you dealing with a specific dilemma? Unsure how to approach a tough decision? A one-on-one coaching conversation can provide the clarity and confidence you need.

Our personal coaching program can help. 



• Sparringpartner for CEOs

• Mentoring for first-time managers

• Custom programs

- Regular weekly or mothly meetings,
- Emergency calls


Let's discuss your needs and wants in a conversation. Book a call in Jan's agenda

Peer-to-peer Mastermind groups

Share Insights, gain wisdom

In a mastermind group, you will share experiences and exchange ideas under the guidance of a trust expert. Participate in a mastermind group appropriate to your career stage: first-time managers, mid-career managers or CEOs. 

You can register straight away. As soon as there are 8 participants, a new group starts.

Check out your mastermind group: 

> I am a first-time manager
> I am a mid-career manager

I am a CEO

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