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Mastermind groups Mid-career managers

Share Insights, gain wisdom

In a mastermind group, you can share experiences and exchange ideas under the guidance of a Grip on Trust expert. You can register right away. As soon as there are 8 participants, a new group will start.

When are you a mid-career manager?

You are a mid-career manager when you have established experience guiding teams and leading initiatives, but are looking to refresh and expand your management approach. With 5-10 years of management under your belt, you now seek new perspectives to continue developing as a leader.

Align on values, goals and reasonable pacing that works long-term. Learn tips to stay energized and focused on what matters most. By bonding with allies who know the unique mid-career experience, you gain resilience to thrive at this vital stage of leadership.

The expert guidance and shared experiences of the group provide valuable insights and wisdom for any mid-career manager.

How is a group organised?

Grip on Trust Mastermind groups are hosted on-line. The intervals of meetings depend on time-zones and group dynamics.



• 2 Group sessions per month

• Intervision sessions

• Grip on Trust certified facilitator

• 1-on-1 mentoring call per month

• Book “360º Trust”

• Free Online Course -All modules*

• 24h emergency mentoring call

• 20% discount on live events

• 20% discount on retreats

Yearly (1 month free)

* Online course is available in mid 2024









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