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3 things managers can do to become high-trust Leaders (+ 1 bonus tip)

Grip on trust

23 June 2021


Peter Drucker said: “There’s a difference between doing things right and doing the right thing.” In short, you can translate this into managers focus on doing things right and leaders focus on doing the right things.

I have never met a manager that didn’t agree with this quote but right after saying it gleefully returned to his workload doing things right. Imagine you are a manager and want to break away from this, where to start?

 In this article, I have distilled and combined 3 topics out of 27 trust factors that will truly get you noticed for your leadership skills.


1. Your Top 5

What drives you? What are you about? What is your ambition and how are you relevant to others? Articulate this for the larger themes in your company. Write it down and stick it on the wall. Translate this into a top 5 of your personal values and way of working, hold yourself to this. Communicate it with the people you work with and keep your promises. 

#Character #Values&norms #Consistent Behaviour #Communication #Accountabillity.


2. Show respect for the people you work with

Have the backs of the people you work with and see and hear them.

Think of a drill sergeant in the army. He might bully his men during training until it hurts, and they might surely resent him. But when there is a real crisis, he is the one person they go to, because they know he will have their back’s. Respect is nothing more than to truly see and hear others. Know their names, know what goes on in their lives and listen to them.

#Respect #Invested #Consistent Behaviour #Communication


3. Don't use a one-size-fits-all system.

The people you work with are human. You are human. Things go wrong, you don’t know everything about everything. Don’t expect perfection or you will be disappointed every day. Ask for help, forgive mistakes and have a system that allows for human irrational behaviour.

Every individual has his own way of getting results. Some people want a daily heads up of how to work, others work better when they are left alone for long periods and make their own decisions. Don’t use one metric for everyone, but give them responsibility for their own work. Too much control takes away decision-making, personal responsibility and a sense of achievement. A lot of companies have a system where everybody needs to fit in the same mould. This will be a permanent source of stress and only robot-like people will thrive there. Try to implement a system around human behaviour. It will give the company room for motivation, energy, pride and shared success.

#Competence #Empathy #Forgiveness #Vulnerability #Structure


Bonus! Rituals and traditions

Every tribe needs rituals and traditions. Rituals are about the human things in the workplace. How do you celebrate successes or special occasions? It makes sure everyone gets the same attention and it gives the team the power to contribute. Traditions are agreements to do the same things the same way, this makes people feel safe. It provides clarity and structure and creates a strong bond.

#Structure #Framework #Rituals & Traditions # Values & Norms #Accountabilty #Consistent Behaviour


Trust is the most important factor in every relationship. When you understand what to do, or what not to do, you can transform average relationships into high-trust relationships. Control is the opposite of trust.

– Grip on trust helps individuals and companies to transform average relationships into high-trust relationships.

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