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Trust is the highest form of
human motivation,
it brings out the very best in people. 

– Stephen R. Covey

Grip on trust helps new managers to become trusted leaders, without losing control or wasting time.

The failure rate of new managers is surprisingly high, and this trend shows no signs of slowing down.

Research shows that according to their subordinates, 20% of first-time managers are doing a poor job, 24% of first-time managers feel they weren’t ready to lead others to begin with, and nearly 60% say they never received any training when they transitioned into their first leadership role. No wonder, 50% of managers in organizations are rated as ineffective.

Feeling lost, permanent anxiety, or downright panic are often mentioned as the reason for an early exit or even burnout.

Grip on trust helps women get leadership positions without having to compromise their personal life.

Although 89% of women are qualified and ambitious for management positions, they don't end up in leadership roles. 

Management bias and lack of leadership support are mentioned often as the reasons behind this reality. But feeling too much anxiety about self-promotion, perfectionism, avoidance of confrontation, and backlash are also a big reason behind this. 

Lastly, many women are putting their ambitions on hold to meet personal responsibilities. As a result, despite making up over 50% of the workforce, women make up only 20% of leaders in major organizations. 

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Grip on trust helps C-level executives to acquire new perspectives, without losing momentum.

Many senior leaders thrive on pressure, but that needs to be counterbalanced with a sense of achievement and progress.

Working at increased intensity with a sense of spinning the wheels or even relentless loss can lead to negative stress and burnout. The symptoms of this include “tired–wired” syndrome (low energy during the day and an inability to switch off at night), resulting in many leaders finding themselves unable to make small decisions.

Even long-term CEOs regularly need to change and reinvent themselves to stay inspired and reflect the new realities of their industry, marketplace and workforce. However, many are in a rut and resist change. 

Stop trying to compromise what you want and learn how to trust yourself


Stop trying to control others and learn how to earn trust

Stop staying in the treadmill and learn how to trust others 

The Grip on trust model

Whether you like it or not, trust happens, but it's invisible if you don't know what to look for. Grip on trust has defined 6 principles and 21 aspects that influence the perception of trust in relationships. The Grip on trust model helps to ask the right questions, gain insights and know what actions to take. 

Trust works as a lubricant between people and in organizations: everything works with less friction, with more ease, better results and higher satisfaction.

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How do we work?

We have developed different one-on-one learning options:

- 1-Week high intensity training 

- 3-Month program 

- Tailor made coaching/consultancy

How to start?


Schedule a free call in which we can discuss the best way grip on trust can help you to improve specific development and leadership skills. 


Together we'll choose the best fitting training or coaching options to suit your

available time, budget and personal needs. 


Gain self-trust & confidence, become trustworthy, and know who to trust.

What we do

Why now?

The next step in your life always has to do with people and relationships. Whether it’s a lover, a new job, your boss, the board of directors, stakeholders, voters, or the relationship with yourself. The quality of those relationships influences your next breakthrough. Navigating relationships can be a very difficult challenge. Understanding the most important aspects of it gives you control and grip you did not have before. Why wait?

Want to know more?

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About me

Working in corporate communications as a Creative Director and Concept Designer for over 30 years, I have learned that everything to do with leadership and how we work together, one way or another, comes back to trust. But here is the thing: trust is invisible if you don’t know what to look for.


That’s why I made an in-depth study of existing scientific models and concepts about trust and designed the Grip on Trust Model that will help you to ask the right questions and understand the dynamics of trust in most relationships. Even the one with yourself. 


I am not a scientist, psychologist or change manager but a problem solver for leaders and HR professionals. 

I focus on how to translate fundamental insights into practical tools that people can apply themselves. Practical, smart, effective and easy to use. 


I am truly driven to contribute to better relationships and happier lives. Not only within companies but everywhere. Understanding human behaviour is the starting point. With Grip on Trust, I hope to make the world a nicer place.  


About me

Keynote speaking and presentations

You can book me for keynote speeches, inspirational talks, workshops and masterclasses, both live or online. 

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What people say

I consider Jan the Simon Sinek of the Netherlands. I had the pleasure of working with Jan on a coaching project and learned some priceless information and processes on how to build trust. Jan is an expert on trust. Not just why it's important, but how it works and more importantly how to build it! I also learned that Jan is highly passionate about human-to-human communication and how words trigger emotions based on memory and past experiences and understand the connect between words and past experiences is key to influencing the behaviour you want to see in people through your communication. It's fascinating and highly enabling when building a business involving people. Thank you jan for these priceless insights.

Chris Baldwin, PhD

Founder of 10X SPEAKER, Speaker coach

As an entrepreneur you will not get there with only knowledge of consumer needs. A deeper insight into the experiences of consumers in relation to the organization is necessary to make the distinction.

Jan van der Spoel has a systematic, logical, well-researched method for discovering these.


Ed Peelen, Prof. PhD.
Content Marketing, Faculty of Social and Behavioral Sciences of the University of Amsterdam

I got the opportunity to follow a workshop by Jan in which he provides insight into your real motivation. This resulted in a very interactive workshop where we could also help each other in gaining insights. 

Highly recommended for people who stay too much in the standard desirable sentences or who really do not know or can name what they get out of bed for.


Jacqueline Lyklema,

Marketing communication & event manager

What people say
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